Article: John Fante and Satanic Paternity

In late September it was my pleasure to publish a paper in the third issue of Litterae Mentis, an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed literary journal based at the University of Kent.  

The issue’s theme was ‘Fear’. I contributed some remarks on John Fante, one of my principal research interests. In several of Fante’s stories, I argue, a family’s twin fears of economic privation and spiritual damnation seem to be united in the figure of a father who displays devilish characteristics.

Litterae Mentis is currently available to purchase as a hard copy from the University of Kent’s online store, by clicking here. The journal is also made freely available on an online open access basis, but the latest edition has yet to be uploaded by the editors.

I have therefore decided in the interim to offer the paper to any interested readers here; it is available by clicking the link below.

John Fante’s Domestic Devils

John Fante

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