About Me


My name is Michael Docherty. I am a 27 year old balding white male from the town of Ashington in North-East England. Unfortunately this is where the similarities between me and Bobby Charlton in his 1964-65 league title winning season end.

I am a postgraduate student at the University of Kent, specialising in mid-20th century American literature and culture. The changing shape of American urban centres after World War II, the cultural history of rhythm and blues, notions of what ‘the frontier’ might mean in the 20th century urban American west, the fiction of John Fante, Philip Roth and Richard Yates, and metafictionality in the American novel are all key interests.

This site exists almost entirely because I noticed my name was still available as a .co.uk domain.

It is largely intended a vehicle to host bits of writing that relate in some way to my academic work and to link to other places on the web where my work appears. It will however also contain incidental pieces on areas of cultural studies beyond my main area of academic research. These will most likely be around football, cricket, and music.

I tweet criminally underappreciated jokes, occasional splenetic football commentary, useless trivia, Youtube videos of Bruce Springsteen, and despair about the Labour Party over at @maybeavalon.


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